One of the most significant changes in Muay Thai's history was the introduction of boxing gloves. Before the use of gloves, Muay Thai fighters used only their bare hands to strike their opponents, resulting in many injuries and even fatalities. The use of gloves was initially met with resistance, but eventually became a staple in the sport.

The first recorded use of boxing gloves in Muay Thai was in 1921, during a fight between a Thai fighter named Nai Khanomtom and a British boxer. The fight was part of a larger event in which the British had challenged the Thai’s to a series of fights.

Nai Khanomtom, a renowned Muay Thai fighter, was chosen to represent Thailand in the boxing match. When he entered the ring, he was surprised to see that his British opponent was wearing boxing gloves, something he had never seen before. Khanomtom, who was used to fighting with his bare hands, was initially hesitant to accept the gloves but eventually agreed to use them.

The fight was intense, with both fighters exchanging vicious blows throughout. However, the British boxer was no match for Khanomtom's Muay Thai techniques and ability to use all his 8 limbs with great power. With the help of his gloves, Khanomtom was able to land more powerful strikes and ultimately won the fight.

The use of gloves in Muay Thai was controversial at first, with some purists believing that it went against the traditional spirit of the sport. However, over time, the gloves became an essential part of Muay Thai, and today, they are a mandatory requirement in professional fights.

Boxing gloves provide several benefits in Muay Thai. Firstly, they help to protect the fighter's hands from injury during training and competition. Secondly, gloves increase the surface area of the punch, which makes it more likely to hit the target and cause damage. 

Today, Muay Thai is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, with gloves playing a vital role in ensuring the safety of fighters while still maintaining the sport's traditional spirit.



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