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June 05, 2023 Women in combat sports
Muay Thai MMA

Women in combat sports

Women in combat sports have made significant strides in recent years, breaking down barriers and challenging traditional gender stereotypes. From boxing and kickboxing to mixed martial arts and wrestling, women are now competing at the highest levels of combat sports and gaining greater recognition for their skills and athleticism.
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August 28, 2020 ‘The Snow Leopard’ The New King of The Jungle?
Muay Thai Fighters

‘The Snow Leopard’ The New King of The Jungle?

At the tender age of 17 in a small city in Estonia, Marie Ruumet was packing a small bag of essential items, a few clothes, hand wraps, boxing gloves and some training shorts getting ready to set off to the other side of the world to pursue her dream of becoming a professional fighter, she remembers,

I started training at 15, I started because I just wanted to take up a sport but everything I tried just didn’t really suit me.

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