Muay Thai is often compared to the game of chess. For every move made there is always an effective counter, where IQ can trump sheer aggressiveness and strength. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional there is always room to learn some new tricks so here are 5 Muay Thai techniques to add to your arsenal.


1. Catch Kick & Sweep:

One of the more basic sweeps but by far and large one of the most effective. By stepping slightly away from your opponents kick you will greatly reduce the force when you catch it and with their remaining balance on one leg it just takes a small kick above the ankle to send them gracefully to the canvas


2. Fake Kick to Head Kick:

Nearly all set-up techniques in Muay Thai come off fundamental attacks jab, push kick, body kick etc. Once your opponent starts to respect your attacks by reacting instinctively to your feints or movements, that is when you know you can start to set up attacks off fake shots.


3. The spin elbow:

Perhaps the flashiest move in all of Muay Thai but is it actually effective? In short yes, the spin elbow is definitely not something you would want to get caught by as they can pack some serious power but dont think for a second you will be able to waltz over to your opponent and land one at will. The set up is essential to landing the spin elbow attack, catching your opponent over reaching for punches or backed up against the ropes is one of your best chances of landing this shot.


4. The flying knee:

As beautiful as the flying knee is it is very rarely seen inside the ring. Mainly because it is a very difficult attack to land and is also somewhat risky, if you miss you are left vulnerable and often exposed upon landing. Land it just right however and the rewards are great as this attack generates huge amounts of power, throwing your entire body weights velocity into the small area of the knee.


5. The Reverse Elbow:

Some of you hardcore MMA fans may remember Anderson Silvas reverse elbow from his pre UFC days at Cage Rage where he shocked many around the world knockout out his opponent with this One Bak style elbow. Like other moves on this list the set up is key to landing this shot, check out this great breakdown from Muay Thai fighter Jack Farren who had landed this flush in one of his fights.